Who Will Win The Alabama Starting Quarterback Job?

Will AJ McCarron win the starting quarterback job for Alabama?

Ah yes, spring is the time for position battles within every program, and Alabama is obviously no exception. With quarterback Greg McElroy graduating from Alabama, who will win the starting quarterback job next year for the Crimson Tide? We all know Alabama has the running game, but will they have the passing game to make the offense a balanced attack?

Many think AJ “Spanky” McCarron is the leader because he was McElroy’s backup this past season. McCarron is entering his third year at Alabama, and most think he is primed to take over that position. He certainly looks the part, but can he hand the day-in, day-out duties? That is obviously something we’ll just have to find out.

However, don’t count out redshirt freshman Phillip Sims out just yet. Some have rumored Sims to be on his way out of Alabama because lack of playing time and the crowded depth chart, but he and his family recently shot those rumors down. The top kids coming out high school start to get antsy when they see guys in front of them on the depth chart and don’t think rationally sometimes about their future. It’s good to see Sims staying at Alabama. He will be the guy in the future for the Crimson Tide.

Sims was garnered by some to be the best quarterback coming out of high school two years ago. He is a big-bodied kid who can run when a play breaks down, but he’s obviously a pro-style quarterback.

Both Simms and McCarron will battle it out during the spring for that starting position, but for now I would have to give the edge for McCarron. However, this position is prime for the taking.

Phillip Sims will battle for the starting job with McCarron