Three SEC teams in top five in latest AP Poll


There are now three SEC teams in the top five and six in the top 11 of the newest AP Poll. We now have six 10-win teams in the SEC.  What a year!

Be sure and check out the recap from the final weekend of SEC play.

The new top 25 is:

1. Notre Dame
2. Alabama
3. Georgia
4. Ohio State
5. Florida
6. Oregon
7. Kansas State
8. Stanford
9. LSU
10. Texas A&M
11. South Carolina
12. Oklahoma
13. Florida State
14. Nebraska
15. Clemson
16. Oregon State
17. UCLA
18. Kent State
19. Northern Illinois
20. Utah State
21. Michigan
22. Northwestern
23. Texas
24. Oklahoma State
25. Boise State

#2 Alabama and #3 Georgia will go to war this Saturday in Atlanta for the right to win an SEC Championship and play for a national championship against Notre Dame. It doesn’t get any better than that.



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  • I hope to God Alabama Makes it to the BCS this year and kills Notre Dame ROLL TIDE!!!

  • Wow…can’t believe A&M didn’t jump LSU. And figured Ohio State would move up too

  • 1st OSU should not be in the poll ! I know I’m biased but how can S.Carolina not be at least 8th when all pundits agree thier schedule was one of the 3 toughest schedule in the NATION!! Carolina lost by 2 points to LSU in Death Valley at night which is “almost” a win! We lost one game IMHO in the Swamp . Then last night we beat #11 Clems’s son in Death Valley #2 by taking control of both lines of scrimmage. CU was favored by 4 ? But Clowney’s 5 sacks dashed those tigers hopes! We beat #3 UGA by around 40 points ! Won the last half of our schedule with out Marcus Lattimore! Clem’s son the same plus with our backup QB!
    Just a quick comment on “johnny football” ,who only recently acquired notoriety . If the Heisman voters give a freshman the trophy to a FRESHMAN ,I will lose any respect for the recipients of this former once highly regarded award . And if Clowney doesn’t win the Bednarick award since Man Taio(?sp?) is a Heisman nominee then talent is not the issue ,it’s simply a popularity contest!

    • What does it matter if a freshman wins the Heisman?

      • Ever heard of a “flash in the pan”? If he is worthy he has at least two more years to show it! I would like the SEC to win another Heisman ,but more display of consistency is needed IMHO. He may crash &burn as a player next year? He may accel and prove he deserves it?

        • Scam Newton only really played 1 year of Division I football. Should he have not won the heisman?

        • Great point about scam

        • And the 2012 Heisman should be given based on 2012… Not 2011 ….not 2013…there will be another vote next year and RG3 won last year.

    • Excuse my DBL use of freshman! And redundancy in the use of “once&formally in the same sentence! I’m using a “smartphone” & I often cannot see the prior sentence! But I should proofread!!!

    • 1) The Heisman isn’t for the best upperclassman or known player. If it was then Geno Smith or Matt Barkley would be the only two in the running. Had you heard of Colin Klein before thsi year? Probably not. Johnny Manzeil has proven he is the most outstanding player in the nation, freshman or not.
      2) Has Clowney been great? Yep. Has he been better than Jarvis Jones or Manti Teo? No. Sorry. Besides what happened to your whole underclassmen shouldn’t get those kind of awards? Clowney always has next year.

    • Wow….ok first of all 28 points is not “almost 40 points” in fact Scar lost to UF by 33, which is closer to 40.
      second: the heisman should go to the best player, no matter if he is a freshman or a 5 year senior.