SEC Running Backs: Career stats entering 2012 season


Here are the top 10 running backs returning in the SEC for 2012 and their career stats. A few may have snuck past these 10 in terms of touchdowns or yards per carry, but let’s stick with the 10 returning with the most rushing yards.

Rushing Yards
Christine Michael, SR, Texas A&M: 2,374
Onterio McCalebb, SR, Auburn: 2,016
Marcus Lattimore, JR, South Carolina: 2,015
Zac Stacy, SR, Vanderbilt: 2,002
Henry Josey, JR, Missouri: 1,605 (injured)
Knile Davis, JR, Arkansas: 1,485
Dennis Johnson, SR, Arkansas: 1,279
Kendial Lawrence, SR, Missouri: 1,207
Eddie Lacy, JR, Alabama: 1,080
Ronnie Wingo, SR, Arkansas: 1,030

Yards Per Carry
Henry Josey: 7.3
Eddie Lacy: 7.2
Onterio McCalebb: 6.5
Knile Davis: 6.3
Dennis Johnson: 6.1
Christine Michael: 5.4
Zac Stacy: 5.4
Ronnie Wingo: 5.3
Marcus Lattimore: 4.9
Kendial Lawrence: 4.9

Marcus Lattimore: 27
Christine Michael: 22
Zac Stacy: 20
Onterio McCalebb: 18
Knile Davis: 17
Henry Josey: 14
Eddie Lacy: 13
Kendial Lawrence: 9
Ronnie Wingo: 7
Dennis Johnson: 5

Career Scoring
Marcus Lattimore: 30 TDs, 180 pts
Christine Michael: 23 TDs, 138 pts
Onterio McCalebb: 22 TDs, 132 pts
Zac Stacy: 20 TDs, 120 pts
Knile Davis: 18 TDs, 108 pts
Henry Josey: 14 TDs, 84 pts
Ronnie Wingo: 14 TDs, 84 pts
Eddie Lacy: 13 TDs, 78 pts
Dennis Johnson: 10 TDs, 60 pts
Kendial Lawrence: 9 TDs, 56 pts



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  • Josey has those total yardage numbers with about half the games of some of the seniors, and his YPC for 2011 was 8.1. I can’t wait to see him back on the field.

  • Still amazed at the numbers put up by Lattimore and knile davis as freshman two years ago…maybe spurrier has enough depth at TB now that he won’t fell the “need” to run him 40 times a game.