Well, I finished 10-2 last weekend (19-4 overall), and Kevin finished 10-2 (18-5 overall).

On to week four we go:

Kentucky at #14 Florida

Jon: Thanks to Jared Lorenzen, Florida will pile on the points. They’ve scored an average of 49 against the Wildcats the last five times. Florida 48, Kentucky 17

Kevin: Florida rolls here and wins easy. Florida 43, Kentucky 13

Ole Miss at Tulane

Jon: Ole Miss moves on from the Texas drubbing last week and gets back on track. Ole Miss 42, Tulane 28

Kevin: Ole Miss can put up points against average teams. This should be no different. Ole Miss 39, Tulane 21

Missouri at #7 South Carolina

Jon: This is the game of the week in the SEC, and it’s really too close to tell. This could be Mizzou’s first-ever win in the SEC. South Carolina 26, Missouri 24

Kevin: I think Missouri spreads it out, does quick drops to minimize the terror that Clowney can reign down on Mizzou and beats the Gamecocks in an upset. Missouri 22, South Carolina 20

FAU at #1 Alabama

Jon: Alabama might have taken it easy on FAU, but the Owls were running their mouth earlier this week. Bama gets their third consecutive shutout. Alabama 49, FAU 0

Kevin: I agree. Alabama might not pile on the points mercilessly, but I think they go for the shutout again. Alabama 41, FAU 0

#2 LSU at Auburn

Jon: The road team has struggled in this series, with the home team winning 11 of the last 12. But this one will be all LSU and too much Kenny Hilliard. LSU 35, Auburn 10

Kevin: I picked LSU to cover the 22 points spread in this game in my picks for the week. I think LSU rolls. LSU 41, Auburn 7.

Rutgers at Arkansas

Jon: Tyler Wilson has been cleared to play. But there’s so much madness going on it will be tough to get a victory, even at home. Arkansas 31, Rutgers 30

Kevin: I’m going to go with yet another upset even with Wilson playing. Rutgers has a very strong defense, and Arkansas can’t stop anybody. Also, I don’t know how Arkansas protects Wilson in pass protection. I’m down on the Hogs until they prove otherwise. Rutgers 27, Arkansas 24.

South Carolina State at Texas A&M

Jon: Johnny Manziel will get loose again. This one is all Aggies. Texas A&M 42, SC St 10

Kevin: Johnny Manziel highlight real. Texas A&M 45, SC State 13.

South Alabama at #23 Mississippi State

Jon: Mississippi State’s defense didn’t play too well last week, but they’ll get that corrected this week. MSU 41, South Bama 7

Kevin: Mississippi State gets an easy win. MSU 38, South Alabama 10.

Akron at Tennessee

Jon: Time for the Vols to get back on track and slaughter some team they’re supposed to. Tennessee 51, Akron 21

Kevin: Tennessee rolls against Akron. Tennessee 49, Akron 14.

Vanderbilt at #5 Georgia

Jon: No trap game for the Bulldogs. I just hope there is a cage match between James Franklin and Todd Grantham after this game. Georgia 35, Vanderbilt 20

Kevin: Vandy made this game interesting last year as a result of special teams and mistakes. I don’t think it happens during this game. Vanderbilt gets beat badly in this game. Georgia 33, Vanderbilt 14.