The old saying goes that records are made to be broken.

This season, the Alabama football team has plenty of potential records to be broken — both individually and collectively. All the records are extrapolated out to 14 games, which includes 2 postseason games. Should the Crimson Tide play 15 games like it did in 2018, the numbers could all obviously be higher.

Let’s take a look at eight of the most likely Crimson Tide records to fall before the end of the 2019 season:

8. Total touchdowns: Tua Tagovailoa, 48 (2018)

Part of what is crazy about this record is that before Tagovailoa set this last season, Jalen Hurts owned it from the 2016 season with … 36! That’s almost 1 extra TD per game at the QB position 2 seasons later. Tagovailoa has 23 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs so far, for an even 5 a game. If he plays 14 games at the current rate, he will have 70. Even if his TDs-per-game average drops from 5 to 4, he still would end up with a record-smashing 61. Drop to 3 a game? It still breaks the mark at 52. This one is definitely going down.

(Just as obvious, Tagovailoa is on pace to obliterate his program-record of 43 TD passes set last year and Drew Lock’s SEC record of 44. He’s on pace to top 60. Again, that figures to slow, but he’s already halfway to Lock’s SEC record.)

7. Receiving touchdowns: Amari Cooper, 16 (2014)

The current Dallas Cowboys WR had a monster junior season, catching 124 passes for 1,727 yards in 2014. It is unlikely that either of those records will fall this season, as the combination of Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III and DeVonta Smith is a 3-headed monster at WR. But Cooper’s 16 receiving TDs in 2014 are suddenly in range for Smith, who has 8 through 5 games. Keep up the current pace, and he finishes with 22. Jeudy (who is 2nd on the single-season list with 14 receiving TDs last year), could get past Cooper as well at his current pace — which would see him finish with 17.

“They have one of the best collections of wide receivers I’ve ever played against, so a lot of credit to them for executing,” Ole Miss coach Matt Luke said after Smith and the Tide torched the Rebels. “They’ve got a quarterback that’s very accurate, which helps.

“You play off to keep them from running by you, and they break tackles, and they had a long run the first drive of the game. And you press them and they throw it over the top of you. So you’ve just got to continue to keep mixing it up, and try to stay out of one-on-ones as much as possible. ”

Crazy additional stat: Before Cooper arrived and caught 12 touchdowns as a freshman in 2012, this record was held by Al Lary, who caught 10 TDs in 1950!

6. Highest average gain per play: 7.8 yards per play (2018)

This one is a statistical possibility, mainly because the offense has been lights out through the first 5 games. Alabama has piled up 2,773 yards, which averages to 554.6 per game and 8.3 yards per play over 334 plays. The Tide rolled up 522 yards per game last season for 7,830 total yards, so they are on pace.

5. Pass completion percentage (minimum 200 attempts): Greg McElroy, 70.9% ( 2010)

Tagovailoa’s pass completion percentage is 76.35% (113-of-148). This could be a tough one, as it is bound to fall a little bit as the level of SEC defenses improves in the second half of the season. McElroy went 222-of-313 in 2010, and Tagovailoa came close to breaking it last year before finishing at 69.0% (245-of-355).

4. Most pass attempts: 472 (2007)

Through 5 games, Alabama has attempted 170 passes. That’s exactly 34 per game. Should Tagovailoa and the Crimson Tide continue on that pace and play 14 games, they will finish with 476 passes — eclipsing the mark set primarily by John Parker Wilson — who attempted 462 passes in 2007 and completed 255 of them for 2,846 yards.

3. Pass completions: Jake Coker, 263 (2015)

Tua Tagovailoa has 113 completions on 148 attempts through 5 games, a 22.6 per-game average. Keep that up through 14 games, and Tagovailoa completes 316 passes. Coker went 263-for-393 for 3,110 yards in 2015, and Tagovailoa’s 2018 season total of 245 in 2018 is 4th on the list.

2. Most points scored: 684 (2018)

This record was set just last year, but with Alabama’s dominating start to the 2019 season, it could fall again this season. The Crimson Tide’s 259 points through 5 games extrapolate out to 51.8 points per game — which means 725.2 points through 14 games. Heady stuff, but it is certainly possible.

1. Most total yardage: Tua Tagovailoa, 4,156 (2018)

At the current rate, Alabama’s sweet Hawaiian prince is set to smash his record by almost 800 yards. Tagovailoa has 1,718 passing yards and 45 rushing yards over 5 games — 1,763 total yards, for 352.6 yards per game. If he plays 14 games at the current rate, that’s 4,936 yards.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an offense with 2 Heisman Trophy candidates in it, so you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. They’re good, they’re really good,” Southern Miss coach Jay Hopson said after Alabama dominated his Golden Eagles. “They’re going to be one of the best, if not the best, offense in college football. The quarterback … I mean he just doesn’t make a bad throw. That’s probably 4 straight games, so he’s a special football player.”

Tagovailoa also holds the single-season passing yards record of 3,966, which is likely to tumble in concert with this. Hello, Heisman?