The Alabama Crimson Tide had no trouble taking down Notre Dame in the 2012 National Championship Game, winning by the lopsided score of 42-14.

However, QB AJ McCarron and C Barrett Jones were spotted having some heated words in the fourth quarter, though they put it aside and celebrated together after the game.

At a youth camp in Mobile on Saturday, McCarron revealed what that fight was all about, saying it had to do with changes at the line of scrimmage (via

“We had known for weeks that Notre Dame likes to stem or move their defensive line at the last second to make you have to call a timeout or be confused,” McCarron told the campers and their parents. “So we decided in practice that once I called out the mike (middle linebacker) we were not going to change it no matter if they shifted or not. In the first quarter, I called out the mike and Barrett changed it at the last second. I told him not to do that. The same thing happened in the third quarter and I told him again. Then, in the fourth quarter and we were winning big he did it again and I had to call a timeout with one second left. But the ref still called me for a delay of game penalty which made me even more mad. I said some things that I wouldn’t say here today. That’s when Barrett pushed me and screamed “stop cursing me!”

It sounds like Jones and McCarron were quickly able to put the dispute behind them, so now it’s just a funny story.

Winning cures all wounds.