Just before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns seemingly had completed a trade for Cincinnati Bengals backup QB AJ McCarron.

However, in typical Browns fashion, the paperwork was bungled and the trade was not allowed by the league office.

For McCarron, a former Alabama star, a chance to become a starter in the NFL went out the window with the botched trade.

On Wednesday, he discussed the failed deal with ESPN.com, saying he appreciates how much the Bengals value having him on the team:

“My agent thought it was a done deal, “McCarron said. “All I know is what I was told and paperwork got turned in a little too late and that’s why I didn’t go to them …

“I talked to Marvin for a little bit yesterday. He told me he was still glad to have me here. Today I’m going to thank Mr. Brown personally just because I admire that he was just going to give me the opportunity to go start and play somewhere. I appreciate that of him.”

For now, McCarron will continue to serve as Andy Dalton’s backup, even though he and many others around the league feel he’s ready to start for a team.

What happens during the offseason remains to be seen, but he’ll finish the 2017 season as a member of the Bengals, thanks to the Browns’ incompetence.