Last week, it was announced that Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne had tested positive for COVID-19. And while some people who receive positive tests for the virus remain asymptomatic, that wasn’t the case for Byrne

During an appearance on The Paul Finebaum Show on Thursday, Byrne detailed the symptoms he’s had since testing positive and his experience having COVID-19.

“The first couple days, I had a pretty constant fever,” Byrne said on the show. “The chills and the body aches went away, and after 10 days, I shouldn’t be contagious anymore, but this has gone on longer than anything I’ve dealt with before. …

“Now that I have been through it, I know why people have had issues with it. I know why the call is out there to try and be respectful to one another, and I hope I don’t go through anything like this ever again, because it is not a lot of fun.”

Byrne’s positive test was announced by Alabama at the same time it became known that head coach Nick Saban had also tested positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 14. However, Saban didn’t have any symptoms and went on to test negative the following three days, which led to it being ruled a false positive. Saban then was on the sidelines for the Crimson Tide’s home game against Georgia this past Saturday.

However, Byrne’s test appears to have not been a false positive. And he wasn’t in attendance for the game against the Bulldogs, as he tweeted on Saturday that he was at home following the proper protocols.