Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne joined The Paul Finebaum Show on Friday.

Byrne spoke about his relationship with Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban and described what it’s like to work with the legendary football coach.

“He is unique, but I’m fascinated by how you deal with him on a fairly regular basis,” Finebaum said to Byrne. “I’m told that Nick Saban, in spite of who he is and who we in the media make him out to be, he’s respectful of authority.”

Byrne responded:

“He is. He’s been incredible. We have a consistent communication schedule set up. We can divert from that when needed. He’s very respectful of the process at hand within our athletics departments,” Byrne noted. “He’s as focused and as structured a coach as I’ve ever been around. I’ve been around coaches my entire life.”

The Tide AD emphasized what many Alabama fans already know — Saban’s outstanding leadership ability both on and off the field.

“He’s an incredible leader. He cares deeply about the game of football. He cares obviously about Alabama — the student athletes on his team. Twenty-six of the young men in our team are going to play in the post-season with a degree in hand,” Byrne said. “So, he’s done a great job academically as well. He’s been great to work with. I listened to him today [Friday] at our luncheon. The topics he can speak upon at great depth is really incredible. I’ve really enjoyed getting a chance to work with him.

“And Mrs. Terry, too,” Byrne added. “She’s been a great asset as well … She goes at it. She’s been a wonderful ambassador for our program and community and does a great job.”