Alabama is not a school known for uniform changes. Even as schools across the country go with bold alternate uniforms, the Tide have stayed with the tried and true crimson and white combo.

When you have 17 titles, you can be a little bit more traditional with your choices, and the Tide have stayed stuck in the (glorious) past, even as other schools have gone wild.

However, on Sunday, one fan asked AD Greg Byrne if the Tide could wear the classic white-helmet look against Auburn in the Iron Bowl this year. As you can see below, Byrne said that’s not in the Tide’s current plans:

When you’ve won five titles since 2009 and are the No. 1 team in the country, you probably shouldn’t change anything up.

The crimson helmets have been working pretty well for the Tide so far this year, and there’s no reason to make the switch now.