As the 2020 college football season approaches, there are some concerns about recent COVID-19 spikes, including some among college football players returning to campuses for workouts.

On Saturday, though, Alabama AD Greg Byrne continued to express optimism heading into the fall season.

Appearing on a radio show, Byrne said he’s still confident we’ll have a full football season, but added that he’ll be looking into things like stadium capacity over the next few weeks (via 247Sports):

“Our goal still, the whole time, is to have a full, regular football season and a full volleyball season and soccer season, cross country (season) here in the fall but make sure to follow the recommendations and guidelines of the health officials,” said Byrne on Alabama Athletics Summer Update Radio Show on Saturday. “And so, I’m still very optimistic about us having a football season. … We’ve been fortunate with great support by our fan base. We’re over 90 percent renewals for the year, and we’re really fortunate for that. Our goal, hopefully, is to be able to have all the season-ticket holders in there and many more.

“But I think in the coming weeks, in the next month, we’re going to have to get more granular on what that actual number will be. I think towards the end of July, early parts of August is when decision time will have to take place and see what it looks like. But we have a lot of scenarios that we’re putting together of what it can look like, both from how many people are there and what that looks like for our department and the impact of that from a financial standpoint, too.”

The next few weeks are going to be crucial when it comes to deciding how many (if any) fans can attend games this fall.