Could this be the reason Alabama started so slow Monday night in the National Championship Game?

Probably not, but it makes you think.

According to Tyisha Fernandes of WSB-TV Atlanta, Alabama assistant coach Karl Dunbar had his backpack stolen Saturday at the Alabama team hotel in Atlanta. Why is that such a big deal? According to Fernandes, the backpack contained Alabama’s gameday playbook.

If this story is accurate, you have to wonder who stole it and what they did with the information — if anything. Would Dunbar have information on the team’s offensive gameplan? The Tide were stifled during the first half and were being shut out as they went into the locker room at halftime.

It’s very unlikely the gameplan had any plans to insert Tua Tagovailoa, which of course turned the tide of the game and led to Alabama’s epic second-half comeback and eventual win.

Conspiracy theorists should have fun with this one…