Alabama DB questions officiating in title game loss

Alabama junior defensive back Hootie Jones was quick to question the referees’ performance following last night’s 35-31 loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

The Crimson Tide committed nine penalties for 82 yards compared to Clemson’s three for 35, including a huge pass interference call on Anthony Averett that placed the ball at the 2-yard-line with six seconds left in the game.

“They were getting a lot of calls,” Jones said. “We felt like the refs were just against us. I’m not saying we got out of poise on our own. We felt like it was starting to be taken from us.”

Jones, though frustrated with how the night ended, also said that it was Alabama’s job to “finish” — something that the team failed to do in the fourth quarter, where it was outscored 21-7.

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  • Ref’s had nothing to do with it. Bama got torched by a great QB.

    • The referees were deliberately ignoring the deliberate pushoff the Clemson receivers were doing on every pass. The refs were bought. Wouldn’t accuse anyone on Clemson but somebody paid them off.

      • LOL. Refs had nothing to do with Clemson outscoring Alabama 21-7 in the 4th and 35-17 after being down 14-0.

      • Lmao. The Gump are THE most delusional fan base in all of sports. You should’ve been without 2 of your best defensive players for most of the game. The referees and Dabo’s decision to go for it on the opening drive is the only thing that kept Bama in it.
        You grab and hold on every play offensively and defensively and you want to blame the refs?? Alabama football ceases to exist without the referees and mythical national Championships. Bear Bryant won 2. ’61 and ’80. Look it up. Look at the records of the other teams. Alabama is a figment of the media and their own imagination.

  • What a whiner. Bama got its share of calls.

    • For sure. Wonder how close the game would have been had holding been called on their first two long TD runs or if Foster and Brown had been ejected in the first quarter.

  • Did Hootie even play? Why do his comments matter?

  • He and Cam Robinson should be thankful other officials decided not to indict for drug and gun charges.

  • Don’t be a snow flake Hootie.

  • I think the officiating was pretty darn good. The tide was called more because that’s what they were doing. Three and out, three and out, three and out, etc during the second half was what did the tide in. Three or four 3rd down conversions and Dabo is out of time again. With our defense worn to a frazzle from over use, Watson ,and those Butt Pickers from Clemson figured our man to man out and cut right through our defensive secondary. Great game Tigers, you deserve the win. Strange that the records are now both 14-1, we lost to you, you lost to Pitt, weird. Oh well With all the Alabama products out there coaching at Clemson, Florida, Georgia etc the ‘dynasty is alive and well. By the way somebody tell Dabo that he hit Cowturd right on……..

    • They might deserve the win because they do have a good qb. But there was an incredible amount of holding not being called on Clemson. Bullware even admitted they hold on every play.

  • C’mon SDS.. yo threw em a lob!!… “We suppose to be brothers!”(Boyz n da Hood) lol
    It is funny though how we as a conference dislike one another.

  • LOL crybaby. You got out schemed, out coached and out played. Deal with it.

  • TIDE ROLLED!! Get over it.

  • Hell of a game. Pruitt got torched and didn’t have an answer in the second half. Can’t blame the refs when the QB and WRs were making BIG plays. The refs could have called the pick play but didn’t. I thought that one was obvious personally. Regardless, Clemson had the momentum and probably still win if they had gone to OT. Would have loved to see it.

    • You seem determined to blame Pruitt for this. That makes no sense. 2-15 on third down for Bama and all those 3 and outs allowed Clemson to run 99 plays. I don’t know why anyone has to be blamed. Sometimes, the other team just makes one more play.

      • Yeah, not on Pruitt at all…losing Bo was huge, needed him to eat the clock up and I don’t care how good your defense is, having to try and stop 99 plays will wear out any D.

  • We got beat. Clemson deserved it. Having said this we’ll be back next year to torch you all and own the SEC once again.