Alabama fans went through it on Saturday.

As Alabama inched past Auburn in one of the wildest Iron Bowls yet, one fan documented his experience as he went through a rollercoaster of emotions. Things started off calm, but as the game went on his stress level slowly started to increase.

It was all worth it after Isaiah Bond caught Jalen Milroe’s pass in the back of the endzone late in the fourth quarter. The fan threw his shirt off in celebration after the play was reviewed and confirmed for a touchdown.

Some certain 4 letter words went flying as Alabama’s 27-24 win over Auburn went final.

Here’s the full video (warning for some NSFW language throughout):

There’s nothing like beating one of your rivals. The records of both teams never seem to matter in games like this.

And every Alabama fan will remember something about this game. The stories already trickling out — an Alabama professor watching the finish with a UPS drive — have been outstanding.

It was a photo finish, with Milroe heaving a pass to the back corner of the endzone on fourth-and-goal from the 31-yard-line.

Alabama’s focus is now on the SEC Championship Game against Georgia.