Did you know there is a World Password Day?

Well, there is, and in honor of it, cybersecurity firm ID Agent analyzed the most commonly stolen passwords. The company combed through 2 billion passwords that are being shared on the dark web, and the findings were rather interesting.

Among the findings, Alabama fans have the most commonly password sports stolen: “rolltide.” Yes, it is unimaginable that an Alabama fan would actually have the password “rolltide,” but apparently it’s true and it was No. 1. The other 4 were: 2. yankees, 3. steelers, 4. eagles and 5. redsox.

Other most commonly stolen passwords according to the studey are “baseball,” “football,” “tigger,”blink182,” and “george.”

Bad actors are always gunning to steal your information and sell it on the dark web, especially with more time on their hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Password security, among other important things, are essential to everyday life now. Email, phones and brokerage accounts are just 3 important passwords we have and use multiple times per week.

According to the study, 40-plus staffers at the World Health Organization were using “password” as their password. That’s worse than “rolltide” if you’re an Alabama fan.

The study recommends a multifactor authentication on passwords. You can read the full findings here.