Louisville has dethroned Alabama as the nation’s top team in the ESPN Football Power Index. The Cardinals currently have a 26.2 FPI score, which edges the Tide by 0.1.

Louisville is coming off a 63-20 victory over then-No. 2 Florida State, which helped it jump several spots in both the FPI and AP rankings. Alabama managed to stay close to the top of the FPI with a 48-43 over then-No. 19 Ole Miss in Week 3

The FPI is a measure of team strength which is used to predict a team’s performance for the remainder of the season. It represents how many points above or below average a team is, so in Alabama’s case, it is 26.1 above. The projections are based on 10,000 simulations of the remainder of the season based on FPI, results to date and the rest of the schedule.

Four SEC teams — Alabama, Texas A&M (No. 7), Tennessee (No. 8) and LSU (No. 10) currently rank in the FPI top 10. Kentucky (No. 83) is the only SEC with a negative FPI (-3.0).

Alabama is favored by 99.3 percent to beat Kent State on Saturday, according to the FPI.