The 2020 season is teetering on the brink of being canceled. Monday went a long way toward showing just how strongly players want to play, though, which is keeping hope alive.

Many have taken to Twitter to use the #WeWantToPlay hashtag, and others have issued even lengthier comments.

On Monday afternoon, Alabama QB Mac Jones used his Twitter account to make the following statement:

“When we committed to play for the University of Alabama and the SEC, we trusted the process, and we still do,” Jones’s statement reads. “We believe the safest place for us is to be together playing football as a team at the University of Alabama. Trust us and let us play.

“I trust the process; Coach (Nick) Saban; and the University of Alabama; I believe playing the proposed modified season is the correct decision. Our program has implemented numerous safety protocols in concurrence with our medical staff, CDC guidelines and the NCAA including but not limited to testing to help ensure the safety and well being of our coaches, staff, teammates and university. In making this decision, I do not mean to diminish the pain that this pandemic has caused everyone. Nonetheless, I am committed to playing football this season — as are the majority of my teammates. Praying for a better tomorrow.”

Will statements like this be enough to save the season? We could find out over the next couple of days.