The Alabama Crimson Tide were blown out in Monday night’s College Football Playoff title game, going down 44-16 to Clemson.

One play in particular drew a lot of criticism, and it came in the third quarter when the Tide ran a horrible fake field goal that didn’t even come close to converting.

As you can see below, this play was doomed from the start, but there was a missed block that led to backup QB Mac Jones being tackled before the first-down line:

After the game, Alabama redshirt sophomore OL Chris Owens tweeted that he takes full responsibility for the botched play:

That’s certainly a noble thing to do, and Owens did miss a block, but his teammates and Alabama fans should make sure he doesn’t stay down for too long. You win as a team and you lose as a team.

The play call deserves a lot more scrutiny than Owens’ missed block, as Clemson wasn’t even lined up in a normal field-goal block formation. They were ready for the fake and Alabama ran right into it.