Alabama offensive lineman Tyler Booker recently discussed his team’s upcoming matchup with the Michigan Wolverines in the Rose Bowl.

Booker was asked about his initial reaction to learning that Michigan would be the Crimson Tide’s opponent.

“I was very excited because I knew what kind of defense Michigan had. You know what I mean? Statistically they’re the number one defense in the nation,” Booker explained. “They present a lot of exotic blitzes on third down. Most importantly, they have a great defensive front. Top to bottom, they’re very technically sound, athletically gifted and move really well. It’s going to be a challenge for us. We’re excited to go towards it.”

The Wolverines have the No. 2 total defense in the nation and are No.34 in total sacks.

Booker was then asked if it was motivating to go up against an elite defense.

“Definitely, it’s motivation just to go out and perform against them. It’s always great to get a gauge of where you are as an offense or who you really are as a team,” Booker stated. “You really get those gut checks, those heart checks when you play a team like Michigan. That’s why you come to a school like Alabama, to play in these high-level games.”

The Tide will kick off against the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day at 5 p.m. ET.