The annual debate about the best college football team taking on the worst NFL team has extended to the national championship.

This time, an Alabama player has openly called out the Arizona Cardinals as the team the Crimson Tide could beat to win the national championship.

“The Cardinals (are) trash.” OL Alex Leatherwood said, according to Yahoo Sports.

That conflicted with the opinion of teammates, who largely said there’s no way a college team, even a national champion, could beat an NFL team. Safety Deionte Thompson even took a career outlook position and said he didn’t want to burn any bridges with a potential future employer.

In recent years, this conversation has centered on the Cleveland Browns, but the consensus largely settles on the NFL team prevailing.

The 3-13 Cardinals are set to pick No. 1 overall, but it’s Clemson that the Crimson Tide are focused on tonight.