Alabama had its hands full for 3 quarters vs. Tennessee on Saturday night. But, in the fourth quarter, the Tide pulled away to earn a 52-24 victory over their rivals.

After the game was securely in hand, Alabama fans lit up their victory cigars, leading to a cloud of smoke settling in over the stadium and down on the field where the players were still playing.

During media availability on Tuesday, Alabama players Malachi Moore and Evan Neal shared their differing reactions to the smoke. Moore cited his asthma as a reason it wasn’t too enjoyable for him (via

“To be honest, to me it was a little hard because I have asthma and stuff, so I was out there coughing,” Moore said. “It was getting in my lungs a little bit and things like that. But it was cool. It was cool to see the — that was my first time experiencing that in Bryant-Denny, and it was cool to see all the fans excited that we was fixing to win.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Neal said he enjoyed getting a bit of a buzz during the game:

“I enjoy the secondhand smoke, I’m not gonna lie,” Neal said. “Get a little nicotine buzz before we got to smoke a cigar.”

Many of the Alabama players came back onto the field after the game to celebrate with fans. It’ll be at least 2023 before the Tide can light up their victory cigars at home again.