Mac Jones hopes that his name will be called next month as the 3rd player in Alabama football history to win the Heisman Trophy. For now, though, he had a chance to do a film breakdown with a former Heisman winner during his bye week.

On Friday, FOX Sports dropped a video interview between college football analyst Matt Leinart and the Crimson Tide quarterback, as the two took a look at a pair of plays from the Tide’s win over Mississippi State on Saturday. Jones was Leinart’s “Power Player of the Week”.

One play was a 35-yard touchdown pass to DeVonta Smith to stretch Alabama’s lead to 10-0. Smith took time to explain the intricacies of the play, which included examining the positioning of the safety and the “body language” of Tyler Williams, the Bulldogs cornerback lined up on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

“The safety’s a little bit off the hash, the boundary safety, and you can see (Williams)’s body language pointed inside,” he explained. “We knew they were going to try to ‘corner cat’ us a little bit – everybody tries to do that against us.”

With Williams sent toward Jones on a blitz, Jones then mentioned the “token fake” to the running back, while spotlighting the matchup between “Smitty” and Bulldogs safety Londyn Craft.

“That’s what you want, and we just happened to call 7-man protection with 3 routes going out,” he said. “When you get the 1-on-1 with ‘Smitty’, I just have to set my feet as best I can and throw it up for him.”

Smith certainly had a night to remember, with that catch serving as 1 of his 4 touchdowns on the night that gave him an SEC-record-tying 31 for his career. He finished with 11 catches for 203 yards.

You can watch the entire interview between Jones and Leinart below: