Alabama is going to be allowed to practice more than Clemson this week in preparation for Monday’s national title game.

According to a report from ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy, it is a loophole in the NCAA rules that will benefit the Crimson Tide.

Clemson’s spring semester begins on Wednesday, meaning that the Tigers must comply with the 20-hour limit the NCAA places on practicing athletics while academic classes are in session.

Alabama, on the other hand, does not start its spring semester until Jan. 13 and will not be subject to the same restrictions.

Will that factor into the outcome of the game?

It’s hard to say.

There is only so much you can get done in a couple of days, and there is the chance of over exertion during the extra time.

Ohio State enjoyed the same advantage leading into last year’s national championship game and came away victorious.

Is it fair?

Absolutely not.

And it is something that the NCAA needs to address going forward if they’re going to continue to drag the College Football Playoff into the spring semester.