Alabama’s highlight reel from the Iron Bowl looks like it could be nominated for an Oscar.

The video, posted to Alabama’s social media on Monday, features all the notable moments from the game — not just the Tide’s highlights, but also the mishaps. The video tells the entire story of the game, from pregame warmups to the final play.

The video begins with some commentary on the rivalry between the two teams, setting the stage for what ended up being a drama-filled game. From there, it shows clips from all the big moments in the game.

The game went into halftime with Alabama leading 17-14, and it was clear the final 30 minutes would be dramatic. After Auburn’s third quarter touchdown and fourth quarter field goal, the video had somber music. If you didn’t watch the game, you might think it’s over for the Tide.

Then the video shows one of the craziest endings to the Iron Bowl you’ll ever see — the muffed punt by Auburn followed my Jalen Milroe’s insane touchdown pass to Isaiah Bond. The video features reactions from fans watching at home and at the stadium.

It was one of the craziest finishes in Iron Bowl history, and the video encapsulates it perfectly.