Alabama’s highest-rated signee (247Sports Composite score of 0.9965) of the 2019 recruiting class is no longer on the Crimson Tide roster.

Media members noticed that on Wednesday morning, the official UA football roster on no longer lists Antonio Alfano, a 5-star strong-side defensive end as a recruit. The news doesn’t come as a surprise. In September, Nick Saban didn’t hold back when discussing the freshman’s situation, saying Alfano had quit the team.

“I just know that the guy basically quit,” Saban said in his Sept. 18 press conference. “He quit going to class, he quit coming here. We tried to encourage him. We tried to help him. We had tried to set up counseling sessions with him to help him every way we could. And all those things are still available to him if he wants them, but he didn’t respond to any of the things, so until he responds, you just have to assume the guy quit.”

It’s unclear what’s next for Alfano, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him suit up for Alabama.