With the calendar’s turn to July, the 2021-22 NCAA athletic year has concluded and the 2022-23 year has begun. It’s also the time of year that athletic programs reveal their self-reported NCAA violations. Alabama recently released its annual summary of violations self-reported to the NCAA for 2021-22.

The document lists 12 Level II/III violations committed by 6 programs. The only mention of the football program is in connection to a men’s basketball violation on Aug. 18, 2021:

The institution hired an individual as a football strength and conditioning coach who triggered IAWP (individual associated with a prospective student-athlete) status for a prospective men’s basketball student-athlete upon his full-time enrollment.

The men’s basketball program also self-reported violations for allowing media members to attend a summer skill instruction session and for a student-athlete participating in a charity 4×4 tournament not approved by the NCAA.

The other 9 violations came from the track, women’s soccer, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s tennis programs. Alabama’s report includes the corrective actions taken for all 12 self-reported violations.

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