It is becoming a tradition that Alabama self-reports its yearly NCAA violations during the Fourth of July weekend, and the Tide were at it again this year.

For the 2018-19 year, the Tide reported 16 minor violations, including two against the football team.

Per, both football violations involved an assistant having impermissible contact with a recruit:

The first was for an assistant coach calling a recruit twice in a week outside of a contact period. The other was for an assistant contacting a recruit outside of the permissible periods. The assistant, who was not named, was not allowed to recruit off campus for 30 days.

A couple of other violations took place involving the men’s basketball team, one with desserts as the culprit:

A group of men’s basketball players were briefly declared ineligible for receiving pregame access to the field at a football game and having access to a “special seating area” at the game. Repayment for the value of the access was required to restore the eligibility and those involved were not allowed complimentary admission to the next football game.

Another violation involving men’s basketball was the only to involve the sweet tooth. Five recruits were provided “personalized desserts” on official visits, a violation of NCAA rule As punishment, the number of recruiting days was reduced from 130 to 120 (two for each recruit).

Obviously, none of these are major, so no further penalties are likely to be imposed against the Tide. Read the full report of the violations here.