The Alabama Crimson Tide have had problems with attendance in recent years, as many students either don’t show up to games against lesser opponents or leave early after the Tide have secured a huge lead.

This bothers coach Nick Saban and many fans and players, so the Tide are trying to do something to fix it.

Per a report from, the Tide are releasing an app called “Tide Loyalty Points,” that will encourage fans to stay throughout the entire game:

The university, through an app designed by FanMaker that will be available to download Thursday, will use geo-fencing — a location-based service that activates in a defined perimeter — to monitor the whereabouts of those who participate in the Tide Loyalty Points program, which was an initiative unveiled this spring to encourage undergraduates and those seeking advanced degrees to stay for the duration of the Crimson Tide’s home football games.

The app, which is also called, “Tide Loyalty Points,” was created by a company that, according to its website, has teamed up with six other Power Five schools, including USC, Clemson and Mississippi State.

The rewards include access to postseason tickets, so it’s certainly worthwhile for students who want to cheer on the Tide in big-time postseason matchups.