A journalist of any kind is subject to possible backlash from those reading the said content.

The advent of social media has ramped up the criticism — constructive or not — ten-fold. For one Alabama beat reporter, he endured a harsh email from an unlikely source.

Michael Casagrande is an Alabama beat reporter for multiple local newspapers. He had recently posted an article for AL.com detailing the upcoming matchup between the Crimson Tide and LSU on Nov. 5. Generally speaking, it’s primarily comparing both teams from a statistical standpoint — an entity┬áthat’s unequivocally impartial and unbiased.

With that said, a reverend — according to Casagrande — sent this rather aggressive email in response to the piece:

The content within this message is surprisingly filled with anger and aggression. It’s very possible that this message was written due to the lack of coffee made available at the reverend’s place of worship.

The fear of facing a hot LSU team — Alabama’s chief rival — also could add to the spiciness emanating from the email.


The reverent sent Casagrande another email…with more pepper than the spiciest gumbo on Bourbon Street.