Former Alabama standout Quinnen Williams was one of 90 SEC players invited to the NFL Combine, and he has his eyes set on the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The Arizona Cardinals have the first pick, and Williams is largely projected to go within the top three. Ohio State’s Nick Bosa and Kentucky’s Josh Allen have also been mentioned in the top three and could go ahead of Williams.

The former Alabama lineman was recently interviewed by, and he explained the biggest takeaway he has from playing for Nick Saban.

Being disciplined in everything you do and carry yourself like a pro on the field and off the field. [That’s the biggest takeaway I had from playing for Nick Saban.] And attention to details.

Williams was also asked why he should be taken No. 1 overall.

But why should I be the No. 1 draft pick? Because I’m all about working. My IQ level is through the roof. I can sit down and break down film of a quarterback and [identify] tendencies and stuff like that. I work very hard on the field and off the field. I’m a team player, I’m a coachable player and I really listen. I’m just ready to get out there and learn from the veterans, who I watch on “Madden.”

Williams was one of the most dominant players in college football this past season. He’s quick, explosive and slippery for such a thick lineman.

One NFL team is going to be a really good player with tremendous upside.