Bryce Young was one of the best college football players in the country last season. He has elite pocket awareness, the highest football IQ among draft-eligible players and is deadly accurate with the football. On top of that, he has a strong arm that can certainly make the throws required of him at the next level.

In other words, he’s top 5 NFL Draft pick. Right?

NFL reporter Albert Breer explained to Colin Cowherd Tuesday that Young’s size is really causing concern for teams looking to trade up for a QB. Is it enough concern to pass on the star Alabama QB come April? Maybe not. But it’s why players such as Will Levis and Anthony Richardson are getting some buzz for top spots in the draft because of their larger frames and raw, yet obvious physical talent.

“If he was 6’3″ and 220 pounds, we’d be talking about him as if he was Joe Burrow or Andrew Luck,” Breer said regarding Young. “And that’s the issue here for the teams who are drafting towards the top that might look to trade up like Carolina and Indianapolis.”

Here’s more comments on Young from Breer, who also states the only NFL QB to truly overcome the size barrier with the talent Young has was Drew Brees:

Is finding the next Josh Allen worth passing on a talent like Young’s?

NFL GMs across the country are desperately trying to find the next Josh Allen. The former Wyoming quarterback did not have superstar numbers like Young and played in a conference that can’t hold a candle to the SEC. And despite the college numbers and taking a slight step back this year, Allen is still a top 10 quarterback in the NFL right now.

Here’s the difference; Young’s football IQ and decision-making could run laps around either of Levis and Richardson right now. Young is also a far less risky player to draft like Levis or Richardson, who have both yet to really prove anything against solid opponents.

Allen’s success to turn that corner doesn’t mean either Levis or Richardson will take that same path. Young throwing for 3,328 yards and 32 touchdowns with just 5 interceptions against the top talent CFB has to offer (on just 380 pass attempts) has to count for something, right?

We’ll find out in April.