Is Tua Tagovailoa’s draft stock really fading as we inch closer to the 2020 NFL Draft?

That’s what some have suggested recently but according to Albert Breer of the MMQB and NBC Sports, the truth of the matter could rely upon which team you are talking about at this moment.

During a recent appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Breer was asked to share his thoughts on Tagovailoa’s stock according to his NFL sources. The way Breer tells it, there are serious questions about Tagovailoa’s ability to remain healthy during his NFL career, and that’s if he returns 100 percent from his hip injury.

“I still think the biggest problem with Tua is the medical,” Breer said on the show. “I don’t think it’s, I think a lot of people are focused on the hip, and that’s still an issue, no question — he’s not going to be totally out of the woods on draft day, there’s still some complications that could come up with the hip after that. But really it’s a multitude of injuries that teams are worried about. Those two ankle surgeries that he had in Alabama, those are new surgeries, so there’s really no track record on how those are going to hold up long term. And then you’ve got just the mass amount of injuries.”

To further explain why NFL teams would be so worried, aside from the obvious injury concerns Tua has based on his college career, Breer pointed out all the quarterbacks in recent drafts that have failed to live up to their lofty draft selections after getting injured in college.

“If you want to go back and look at history Dan, and people look at these injuries and say, ‘Well, you know, it’s bad luck the kid could overcome it.’ History shows us over the last decade that quarterbacks go in the first round and come into the draft with serious medical history from college, almost all get hurt again,” Breer added before listing several NFL QBs and their draft classes. “Sam Bradford in 10, Jake locker in 11, Robert Griffin in 12, Marcus Mariota in 15, Carson Wentz in 16, Deshaun Watson in 17, Josh Rosen in 18, all of them had significant injury history in college, all of them got hurt again in the pros.

“So teams look at that and say, we like Tua as a player, but can we trust that he’s going to be able to stay healthy. I got tell you, that list, Tua’s got more [injury] history than most of those guys too, so I still think the medical is a part of it. He’s not a perfect prospect, but I can tell you this, the Bama coaches have told NFL people, we believe he’s a left-handed Drew Brees. I’ve got enough NFL people agree with that assessment to make me think that he’s very well thought of as a player, really the major problems of medical.”

So much so, that Breer believes the NFL team most associated with Tua may not even be willing to draft him over former Oregon signal-caller Justin Herbert at this moment.

Here’s what Breer had to say when Patrick asked him what the Dolphins will do with their top draft selection.

“I still think they probably take a quarterback (at No. 5),” Breer answered. “Do they move to get one? I’m not sure and I’m telling you, if they have a choice of Tua, I’m not sure it would be Tua over Justin Herbert right now. I’m not positive on that.”

Could you imagine the draft scene if Miami took Herbert over Tua?