The Alabama Crimson Tide haven’t lost multiple games since the 2014 season, amassing a record of 55-4 the past four seasons.

However, this year will be an interesting one for the Tide and coach Nick Saban. The offense should be loaded, but there are some question marks about Alabama’s normally solid defense.

In Lindy’s Sports season preview magazine, an anonymous coach went as far as to say he thinks Alabama’s defense is weak enough that the Tide could lose two or three games this fall (via 247Sports):

“They’ve got holes in the defense,” the coach said. “I can see them losing 2-3 games. They lost (linebacker) Mack Wilson. They’re missing guys up front. Raekwon Davis didn’t play that well last year.”‘

Looking at Alabama’s 2019 schedule, it’s tough to see where three losses would come from (perhaps at Texas A&M and Auburn and home vs. LSU).

There are some concerns about the defense now, yes, but Saban has all summer to find answers to those questions.