A couple of weeks ago, it looked like the Alabama Crimson Tide were locks to make the NCAA Tournament.

However, after three-straight losses, ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi said on Wednesday that he thinks the Tide need to win two games in the SEC Tournament in Nashville this week to have a chance at making it to March Madness.

Many have wondered whether coach Avery Johnson would be able to keep his job if he misses the NCAA tourney. On Wednesday, he joined “The Paul Finebaum Show” in Nashville and said he isn’t giving up on the Tide just yet (via AL.com):

“You know me from my career, Paul,” Johnson said. “I played 16 years in the NBA and I’ve coached in the NBA and I’ve coached in college, I’ve never been known to be a quitter. I’ve always been known to be a fighter and I’m still fighting.”

Finebaum again pressed Johnson on his commitment to the Alabama program.

“If you ever wonder about it, just stop by my office at 5 in the morning,” Johnson said beginning to laugh, “or 10:00 at night and watch me throughout the games when I’m up on the sidelines coaching. Or if you’ve ever had an opportunity to see me in practice, it looks like a guy that’s fully committed.”

The Tide will take on a tough Ole Miss team on Thursday and then would face No. 2 seed Kentucky in the quarterfinals.

That’s a tough road to the tourney, but it’s the road Johnson may have to take if he wants to keep his job.