CBS analyst Barrett Sallee has a bold prediction for Alabama’s battle against Texas A&M this weekend. The college football writer was a guest on the Matt McLearin show on WJOX 94.5 in Alabama to discuss the upcoming matchup

He doesn’t see the Aggies even making it close.

“This could be the biggest blowout in this series since Kenny Hill lost 59-0,” Sallee said. “I just think with Texas A&M’s offense, I don’t care if Max Johnson plays or not, that offense is flat out horrendous. Alabama can stop Devon Achane, so when that happens, what’s Texas A&M going to do? They can’t do anything.”

You can to the rest of Sallee’s comments below:

Texas A&M has had a rollercoaster of a start to their 2022 season. The Aggies lost to Appalachian State, turned it around against Miami and were dominated by Mississippi State last week. It’s hard to get a read on the Aggies.

Alabama, meanwhile, is as dominant as ever, though perhaps limited were Bryce Young’s injury issues to turn into a long-term problem.