The late Bart Starr was a legendary quarterback who had a successful college and professional career.

Starr, who played for Alabama in college and then went on to be under center for the Green Bay Packers, will be showcased on SEC Storied: Bart Starr: America’s Quarterback this Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the SEC Network.

“Bart Starr’s life is so rich with narrative tension,” Keith Dunnavant, one of the directors of the documentary, said in a statement to promote the piece. “This story matters because it reflects universal truths about the American experience, especially how you can, indeed, overcome very long odds to achieve your dream. Making the film was a reminder to us all about the fragility of life and about the power of resilience — on and off the football field.”

A Pro Football Hall of Famer, Starr was a two-time Super Bowl champion and an MVP with the Packers. Green Bay retired Starr’s No. 15 jersey number and enshrined him into the franchise’s Hall of Fame. Starr was also a member of the NFL’s 1960 All-Decade Team.

“As a director, I always thought of Starr as kind of boring, a lousy sound bite. Humility has a hard time cutting through on television,” said Fritz Mitchell, also a director of Starr’s documentary. “But working on this film, I came to realize that Starr didn’t glide through life effortlessly. He worked tirelessly and faced adversity at each stage of his journey.”

Starr passed away in 2019 due to health issues following a stroke.