Although the University of Alabama football team didn’t move up in the polls this week, if the Bowl Championship Series still existed instead of the playoff the Crimson Tide would be No. 1 – sort of.

According to, which tracks how the BCS would look if it was still used to determine the pairing for the national championship game, Alabama’s overall BCS score would be 0.931, easily putting it in first ahead of Oklahoma (0.9049) and Florida State (0.9044).

The computers would be why the why the reigning champion Seminoles drop from first to third, and the website uses the Associated Press poll instead of the Harris Poll, which no longer exists.

The BCS would also have five teams in the SEC West ranked in the top 12: No. 1 Alabama, 5. Auburn, 6, Texas A&M, 9. Ole Miss and 12. Mississippi State.

However, the first BCS rankings of the year didn’t fist come out until after Week 8 of the regular season. This will only be Week 5.