Who is the greatest college football coach of all time — Bear Bryant or Nick Saban? Both had illustrious careers at Alabama (with Saban’s not yet being over), leading the program to national prominence and great success.

Marc Bryant Tyson has a tie to both coaches. He’s the grandson of Bryant, and his son, Paul Tyson, is currently a redshirt freshman quarterback for the Crimson Tide, playing for Saban. So, how does he feel about the debate over whether his grandfather or Saban is the GOAT?

Tyson appeared on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday and weighed in on the conversation. And he had a lot of praise for Saban.

“He’s won six titles in 12 years. This is by far the greatest run in college football history,” Tyson said on the show. “And then the fact of the coaching changes that he had — he’s won it with six offensive coordinators. I mean, that’s unbelievable, and he’s lost seven or eight people off his staff every year. And he just continues to win.

“To then top it off this year, being the Coach of the Year in the hardest year ever in college football, I would just kind of say — and to a similar answer that Papa said after beating Ohio State and Woody Hayes when he was asked, ‘Well, who’s the greatest coach?’ Or whatever — I’ll say that Saban is the GOAT of all time, but Papa wasn’t bad himself.”

Saban has won a record seven national championships, six of which have come at Alabama. He owns a 256-65-1 career head-coaching record, which includes going 165-23 with the Crimson Tide.

Bryant won six national titles (all at Alabama) and finished with a 323-85-17 all-time head-coaching record, which included going 232-46-9 with the Crimson Tide.

And although Tyson has now weighed in, the debate is still likely to continue. But if Saban keeps having success and adding accolades, that may make it easier to decide.