From its witty quips to its seemingly endless collection of GIFs, the Belk Bowl undoubtedly has the funniest of all of the official bowl Twitter accounts. Others play it straight and keep it simply business, but the team behind @BelkBowl isn’t afraid to color outside the lines.

With Alabama’s deep drop down the College Football Playoff rankings to No. 12, it will get shut out of the Playoff and likely a New Year’s Six appearance altogether. It may have to play the waiting game when learning of its bowl destination.

Could the Tide be playing on New Year’s Eve, though, as the Belk Bowl’s SEC representative? On Tuesday, shortly after the rankings were released, the popular RedditCFB tweeted this:

The Belk Bowl Twitter account reacted with this hilarious GIF:

We’ll have to see the result of the conference championships to get a clear view of where the Tide will end their season, but while they will face the unfamiliarity of not appearing in the Playoff or one of the headlining bowls of the college football season, the Belk Bowl is a distinct possibility.