This season brought a lot of great memes that will bring some chuckles well into year. Each week, we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorites for the individual teams.

Here are the best Alabama football memes from this season:

Bring Little Bro to Work MEME

OJ Howard Does Exist MEME

Saban We Got This MEME

Equals 16 MEME

Saban Ruins Dinos MEME

One Simply Does Not Henry MEME

Bama Should Be Government MEME

Cheering for Bama SEC

Play for Second Place MEME

QB Keep They Said MEME

Alabama Cashew MEME

Henry Pardon Me MEME

Hey Manti Real Woman MEME

Kiffin Daddy We Lost MEME

Kiffin Swag Kelly

Kirby OMG Santa MEME

Second About Bham Bowl MEME

UA Selfie Stick MEME

Predator Weather Scared MEME

Angry Elf MEME

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