Based on all that’s happened in the state of Alabama in recent years, including powerbrokers from Alabama playing at least a part in getting UAB’s football program temporarily killed off, there’s likely no love lost between Bill Clark and anyone of influence in Tuscaloosa.

If you needed any proof of that, just check out Clark’s recent appearance on the Tuesday edition of “The Paul Finebaum Show.” Finebaum had the UAB coach, who very well could be the frontrunner for National Coach of the Year following UAB’s 9-1 start to the season.

If you were unaware, Clark’s UAB program travels to College Station this weekend to face off against Texas A&M. A win in that game would likely seal the deal for Clark in terms of national awards as his team has already clinched a spot in the upcoming Conference USA Championship Game.

You can listen in to a segment of Clark’s appearance on the show below. Pay close attention to how he refers to Alabama near the end of the clip:

You caught that correctly, he called Nick Saban’s program “Alabama-Tuscaloosa.” For any Alabama haters out there, Clark may have just won some more votes for Coach of the Year without having to achieve anything on the field of play.

You can listen to Clark’s entire interview here at ESPN’s PodCenter.