When Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield’s arrest was first reported on Saturday, social media users were quick to weigh in about the punishment or lack of punishment the Sooners signal-caller will likely receive from OU coach Bob Stoops.

Stoops has not yet publicly commented on Mayfield’s situation. Oklahoma put out a statement acknowledging the situation without saying much else. While the above tweets were obviously mocking Stoops, the Oklahoma coach did have one SEC voice defending him Sunday.

In May of last year, Alabama OT Cam Robinson and teammate Hootie Jones were arrested in Monroe, La. on drugs and weapons charges after being found with a bag of marijuana and two handguns, allegedly stolen. Roughly a month later, the district attorney decided not to prosecute Robinson and Jones for the incident. Both players were punished internally, but were not suspended from any Alabama football games, as McFarland states in his tweet.

Mayfield’s situation is obviously at a different point in the legal process and doesn’t line up neatly for a direct comparison with Robinson’s arrest. McFarland, part of ESPN’s “embrace debate” culture, is certainly aware of this and stirring the pot with his tweet.

Stoops, however, is likely appreciative of McFarland’s tweet today. After the Joe Mixon situation, he isn’t often defended outside of the Oklahoma fan base.