Booger McFarland chatted with Dan Patrick on Tuesday about this year’s final College Football Playoff selections.

The CFP committee went with Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama — leaving out Florida State after an undefeated regular season and capturing the ACC conference title.

On “The Dan Patrick Show,” McFarland — an ESPN NFL and college football analyst — and Patrick were on different ends of the spectrum about the teams selected for the CFP.

“It’s a beauty pageant,” Patrick said. “At the end of the season, everything is window-dressing during the season. It comes down to the bottom line … it’s going to be fan bases that travel, games that are interesting and the people that will tune in to watch this.”

Patrick noted that the ACC “isn’t viewed as a true power conference,” noted that the Pac-12 had a better 2023 season than the ACC.

“I think this is a reality check for the ACC on where they stand in college football,” Patrick said.

McFarland disagreed with Patrick, noting that football is a sports “because you never really known” on any given Sunday.

“Who cares what’s sexy,” McFarland said. “This is not a sport like figure skating … it’s never been that. Even though we want to make it out to be a beauty pageant, the nature of football takes you away from being that.”

Patrick said that the CFP committee looked at FSU and said “there’s no draw or reason” with the program, especially with the absence of Jordan Travis. The quarterback suffered a season-ending surgery toward the end of the season.

“It’s about money and it’s a bottom-line business,” Patrick said.

McFarland hears how it’s about the money and the key matchups, and that those matchups can occur in a non-conference schedule.

“But when you start putting together a Playoff, that is earned,” McFarland said.

Patrick noted that he agrees with the 4 team selected for the CFP.

“College football can create what they want to create (when it comes to money),” Patrick said.

McFarland said that he believes FSU deserves to be in the CFP, and that he take that opinion to his grave.

“I think it’s a dangerous game to play in a room instead of on a court or grass,” McFarland said, referencing the CFP committee’s selection process.