Brandon Miller, one of the best college basketball players in the nation, has been the topic of some controversy since it was revealed that he, unknowingly or otherwise, brought former teammate Darius Miles the weapon that was used to murder a Tuscaloosa woman in January.

Miller was not charged with a crime in the investigation and was allowed to immediately resume basketball activities at Alabama. Some disagree with Alabama’s decision, while others argue that because he was not charged the Crimson Tide made the right call.

On Wednesday, head coach Nate Oats revealed that because of constant threats and messages online, Miller has had to be accompanied by a security guard.

The Crimson Tide is where it is at because of Miller, perhaps the best freshman in the country. Alabama cruised to the No. 1 overall seed and have a favorable path to the Final Four. Not to mention, he’s been able to do so despite the constant pressure.

Here’s Oats’ full comments on the matter:

It’s not often that a college basketball player needs security on a regular basis, and it’s a sad and bizarre situation all around. Alabama basketball faces off against Texas A&M CC on Thursday.