Brandon Miller will not only play on Wednesday night at South Carolina, he’ll start.

Alabama Athletics Director Greg Byrne on Wednesday offered the latest update about Miller’s status ahead of Alabama’s game at South Carolina.

This came after new testimony was revealed on Tuesday relating to how former Alabama basketball player Darius Miles obtained the gun used in the fatal shooting of Jamea Jonae Harris on Jan. 15, which thrust Miller into the spotlight.

Speaking on Wednesday, Byrne offered new details about Miller as the Crimson Tide get set to play at 9 p.m. ET in a game on ESPN2.

“He is in South Carolina with our team,” Byrne said on the College Gameday podcast in a segment played on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on the SEC Network. “He went through walk through today and we expect him to play this evening. … We found out some new facts yesterday; we found out some new facts today. Here’s what we know: Brandon Miller was not there for the verbal altercation. Brandon was already on his way to pick up Darius (Miles) when Darius texted him. Brandon never left his vehicle, and was not involved in the collection of the weapon. The shooting occurred just seconds after Brandon arrived. Brandon has been fully cooperating witness and is not a suspect. Yesterday we began to hear some new things from the hearing and Coach (Nate) Oats had just come out of practice and did not have the information from the hearing when he was talking with the media directly after practice. He did not handle that in a way that he should have. We’ve addressed that with him.”

Byrne added that only law enforcement has all the facts in this situation.

ESPN reporter Coley Harvey later reported to Finebaum that Miller would start for Alabama.