Brock Huard as a former Washington star and college football analyst on radio and on TV with FOX has plenty of insight into Kalen DeBoer.

Huard shared some background during a segment with WJOX and “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.”WJOX and “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning.”

Huard said that steady, calm demeanor DeBoer often shows on the sideline is something he carries with him in all settings.

“I think that was maybe the most overwhelming over the course of that incredible run last year, Cole, was just that he was unflappable,” Huard said. “Even the day of the semifinal game, he had an event with former players and alumni and my brother was there and Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) was there and I just can’t believe he’s able to compartmentalize and do all this.”

Huard noted DeBoer’s fourth-down call at his own 27 in the Apple Cup, or with recruits or high school coaches, “What you see is largely what you get with Kalen DeBoer.”

Huard said Washington fans weren’t as surprised that he left for Alabama as you might think because DeBoer had a contract available for 45 days.

“That was a pretty public piece of information that certainly the diehard fans knew about,” Huard said.

Huard also shared his thoughts on Nick Sheridan, the presumed new offensive coordinator at Alabama after Ryan Grubb left for the Seattle Seahawks. Huard called him a “good dude” who played at Michigan and whose father was a football coach.

“Great human being, players respect him,” Huard said. “I know his tight ends at Washington loved him. So from a human standpoint, is an egoless fit from that whole Kalen DeBoer silo that I was talking about. Humble guy.”

Huard said for Sheridan to be promoted means that DeBoer trusts him, and has confidence to call the shots and be the guy. Huard expects DeBoer to be involved heavily in the play-calling early on, and then less and less as the season goes on.

Huard also puts plenty of emphasis on the offensive line hire for DeBoer.