Bruce Feldman talked about the different scenarios some of the College Football Playoff contenders need to see happen.

On Wednesday, Feldman went on “The Rich Eisen Show” and discussed what potential Playoff scenarios fans could see. He started off by talking about what he thinks the Ohio State Buckeyes would need to see happen to get into the Playoff.

“I think what Ohio State needs to have happen is, they certainly need Florida State to lose,” Feldman said. “I think they need Georgia to win, they need Michigan to win, then they could maybe be into the 4 slot. They need Florida State to lose. I think they need Texas to be knocked off by Oklahoma State too. I think it’s gonna be a harder sell. The thing that hurts them a little bit, Penn State is No. 10 and Notre Dame is a solid win on the road, but that’s about it. I think what hurts them significantly is that they don’t look as dangerous as the team last year.”

Feldman also talked about if Texas could get into the Playoff if Alabama were to beat Georgia on Saturday.

“They need a lot of help. The irony here is they would really be snubbed by the aura of the league they’re about to become. The idea that an SEC champ is going to get left out, doesn’t compute for anybody. It’s unfortunate, but the rationale that they would talk themselves into is that Alabama with a much improved Jalen Milroe, I think Alabama has improved as much as anybody from the beginning of the season to now, especially Jalen Milroe. If they beat Georgia I think we’re going to look at them way differently. If Jalen Milroe beats Georgia, then we will look at Milroe and Alabama much differently.”

The committee could have some tough decisions on its hands if any of the upsets Feldman and Rich Eisen talked about manage to happen during Championship week.