Bryce Young took the opportunity on Friday at the NFL Combine to respond to questions and criticism about his size, as that remains the biggest piece of negative feedback NFL scouts and analysts have made about the former Alabama quarterback.

Young is widely believed to be among the top 2 quarterbacks in this draft, and most analysts have pegged him at No. 1.

“I’ve been this size, respectfully, my whole life. I know who I am, and I know what I can do,” he said. “For me, it’s fair — everyone can speculate and ask whatever questions are necessary. I’m going to continue to control what I can control.”

Young added that he’s been around 200 pounds and “for me, that’s been something that’s not too hard to do.”

Young said he’s reached out to NFL players to prepare himself as much as he can, and one of them is former Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

“He gave me a ton of great advice about how to carry yourself and things that he’s learned in his years there,” Young said. “A lot of things that I’m going to take and hold on to and I’m super grateful of the guidance I’ve gotten from him as well as many other NFL players.”