Bryce Young is preparing to make his jump to the NFL and is widely expected to become the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft.

At this point in the process, nearly every analyst is sold on Young’s pure abilities as a difference-maker. He also has the ultimate support from Alabama teammate Will Anderson.

On Tuesday, Anderson made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take and was asked which player he would take between Young and recently retired Tom Brady. Despite Brady’s list of accomplishments, Anderson is backing Young.

“I’m taking Bryce Young. I played with him, so,” said Anderson. “I gotta have my boys back, you know what I’m saying?,” he replied when pushed about his answer by Stephen A. Smith.

Smith was definitely not buying it but admitted he is high on Young’s ability, provided the QB stays healthy during his career.

“Tom Brady because of résumé,” said Smith. “I only got one question about Bryce Young: durability because of his size, but he’s special.”

Already Young has drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes and even NBA superstar Steph Curry, but being compared to Tom Brady is on a different level entirely. We’ll see if Young can live up to the hype early in his NFL career.