Bryce Young and Will Anderson Jr. are not Alabama natives, so the Crimson Tide players from California and Georgia needed a lesson when it came to the Iron Bowl.

They found that education at the local Tuscaloosa Walmart.

Soon after he arrived in town, Young saw a man in full Auburn attire at the store. It was different than what he was used to from California seeing people wearing UCLA and Southern Cal gear.

“You could tell everyone was looking at him weird and people were giving him dirty looks,” Young said, per the Tuscaloosa News. “Seeing that kind of showed me how much it meant as a community and a state how big this rivalry is.”

Young admits that he was aware of the rivalry because it gets national attention, but didn’t realize how deep the feelings run in the state.

Anderson learned about it because he saw how small the Auburn clothing section was at the store.

“It’s like one shirt,” Anderson said. “I said, ‘Oh yeah. This is serious.'”

The rest of the clothing rack? Alabama attire.

“They don’t play when it comes to the Iron Bowl,” Anderson said.